About Sirius Petroleum

imageSirius Petroleum is an investment company whose shares are quoted on the London Stock Exchange. It is currently considering a number of opportunities in the oil and gas sector with particular focus in Nigeria.  Sirius has an agreement in place with Taglient Oil Nigeria Limited, a Nigerian private company owned and managed by Nigerian nationals who have considerable knowledge and contacts within the Nigerian Oil industry.

Under this agreement, Taglient has agreed, among other things, to use all its reasonable efforts to seek out opportunities for Sirius to acquire interests in oil and gas fields in Nigeria. A Nigerian joint-venture company has also been formed and named Sirius Taglient Petro Limited.  This is necessary for the grant of permits and licences to carry out business locally.

Sirius Petroleum adheres to policies ensuring strict health and safety standards and promoting support and beneficial inclusion of local and indigenous communities.

Sirius Announcements

Annual Report and Notice of Meeting (16 May)

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Final Results For the year ended 31 December 2017 (15 May)

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Ororo Field – Update (01 May)

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