Taking Responsibility Seriously

Taking Responsibility Seriously

It is an established fact that majority of accidents are caused by human error. To minimize this, the company shall make every effort to provide safe work systems for its employees and contractors and make them fully understand that they have a duty to protect themselves, their colleagues and the environment. Regular safety meetings and emergency drills will be held, their feedback and performance analyzed and acted upon as and when necessary.

Competent well-trained staff
The Company shall provide the resources necessary for effective operational training in both normal and emergency situations on an annual basis, or as and when deemed necessary to fit with operational changes.

Comprehensive Information
The Company shall promote activities within the industrial community to ensure continuous information supply and consultation on matters concerning environment, health and safety. Maximum priority shall be given to the investigation of all accidents and potential accidents including formulating, putting in place and communicating the actions necessary to prevent reoccurrence as well as post mortem reports.

Emergency plans
The Company shall have in place emergency plans for its operating facilities such that should an accident occur, prompt and effective actions shall be taken to prevent escalation.